Chance Bensmiller

November 5, 1985

Chance returned to the CPCA in 2012 after spending 6 years with the WPCA.  2018 saw Chance having one of his most successful seasons of his career having 8 Top 5 day money finishes and 19 Top 10 day money finishes. He was in the top 5, 6 out of 10 tour stops and in the top 10 at 8 of the shows. 2018 saw Chance make his 4th appearance at the Calgary Stampede. Chance finished the 2018 season 5th overall.

Hometown: Dewberry, AB

Favourite Meal: Mashed potatoes, steak, lasagna.

Favourite Vacation Spot: Mother In Law’s house at Pine Lake.

How did you get into Chuckwagon Racing: I am a third generation wagon driver with both my grandfather’s Allan Bensmiller, Allen Smith and my father Buddy Bensmiller. Being a wagon driver is in my blood to say the least.

Most Memorable Chuckwagon Racing Moment: Winning my first day money at the Calgary Stampede in 2016 was a very memorable moment, but winning the Stampede in 2003 behind my dad Buddy is my most memorable for sure.