Dale Mitsuing

September 5, 1987

2018 will be Dale’s rookie year in the wagon box after outriding for the past  12 years.  To say that wagon racing is in Dale’s blood is an understatement being the son of 7 time CPCA Champion Ray Mitsuing. Both of Dale’s brother Dean and Devin have also took the reins so it was inevitable Dale would also follow suit. One of Dale’s most memorable Chuckwagon racing moment’s was riding beside his brother Darren for his dad to win his first show in Wainwright. Dale’s goal for this season is to win his heats and potentially qualify for the Calgary Stampede.

Hometown: Loon Lake, SK

What is your favourite thing about Chuckwagon Racing? Working with horses and always learning.

Who has been your biggest influence in the sport and why? There has been a few; my Dad Ray Mitsuing, my brothers Devin and Darren and Curtis Myers. They all helped me be a better rider.

Any nicknames? Tubs and Tubtub

What’s your favourite vacation spot? Vancouver, always looking for new horses.

What’s your favourite winter sport to play/watch? Hockey of course. Edmonton Oilers all the way!

Also… My Mom Josephine makes the best bannock after the races!