Dallas Dyck

January 16, 1977

Dallas Dyck is coming off a successful year in 2017 having finished 6th in the CPCA standings to improve his position of 8th from the last 2 years.  Dallas had 4 top 5 aggregate finishes as well as 4 more top 20 finishes and he came away with the Wainwright Stampede dash win. At the CPCA 2017 banquet Dallas won the Bruce Bremner award for the most consistent barreling outfit and his horse Lion won one of the awards for the Equine outriding horse of the year. With Dallas having an extremely successful finish to his year he will one to watch in 2018.

Hometown: Dewberry, AB

Favourite Meal: Steak

How did you get into Chuckwagon Racing: Chuckwagon racing has always been part of my family’s lifestyle, so I grew up around the sport. I started outriding in 1997 for my Uncle Gary Gorst when I was 19.

Most Memorable Chuckwagon Racing Moment: Winning my first day money on my home town track in Dewberry.