March 3, 2019
How Does The Cold Affect The Equine Athlete

It has been a long time since we have been faced with extreme cold temperatures for such a long period of time. It got me thinking, how do the horses handle it and does it have any effect on spring training that is just around the corner. I reached out to a couple CPCA Drivers…

February 25, 2019

CANVAS AUCTION March 22, 2018 The GMC Rangeland Derby is a one-of-a-kind event, offering exclusive advertising opportunities. Take part in the full ten days of action, or share the opportunity with up to nine other organizations! As a chuckwagon advertiser, you will be able to offer clients, employees and friends an amazing behind the scenes…

February 21, 2019

For further information contact the CPCA at 780-870-1885. 2019 Tarp Sale Order 1 Kris Molle 2 Jamie Laboucane 3 Todd Baptiste 4 Dale Mitsuing 5 Chance Bensmiller 6 BJ Carey 7 Dallas Dyck 8 Ray Mitsuing 9 Brad McMann 10 Kris Flanagan 11 Danny Ringuette 12 Barry Hodgson 13 Lane Tournier 14 DJ King 15…

February 5, 2019
Winter Wonderland

As I write this article I am doing what a lot of Chuckwagon Families and Fans are doing on a cold day in February. I’m in a Small Town watching Hockey. It was -32 this morning and -41 with the windchill. If every hockey game was cancelled in the winter due to Snow and Cold…

October 23, 2018
2018 CPCA Awards Banquet

The CPCA Awards Banquet was held on October 20th in Lloydminster at the Lloyd Exhibition. It was great to see everyone and have the opportunity to celebrate so many achievements that took place throughout the 2018 race season. Big shout out to Kim Carey who dedicates so much time to make sure events such as…

August 21, 2018
CPCA Finals Wrap Up

Well it is hard to believe that the 2018 Chuckwagon Season has come to a close.  I want to start out by saying that just because the season is done doesn’t mean the articles and hopefully even some interviews/videos will be.  I feel it is extremely important to allow our loyal Chuckwagon fans to stay…

August 21, 2018
2018 Denham Ram Tough CPCA Finals

Dale Mitsuing with outriders Darren Mitsuing & Tyson Whitehead. Lloyd show winner Dallas Dyck With outriders Logan Pethick & Tyler Mckenzie. High Point driver Kris Molle. Logan Pethick High point outrider. 2nd place outrider Tyler Mckenzie. 3rd place outrider Tyson Whitehead.

August 14, 2018
Turtleford Weekend Wrap Up

We rolled in to Turtleford and kicked the weekend off with a Women of the Wagons Charity Golf Tournament on Thursday Afternoon at the Mervin Golf and Country Club. The weather was fantastic and a good time was had by all. Around $4000 was raised which will go along with the Women of the Wagons…