Gordon McCallum

  • Birthday
    June 20, 1956
  • Hometown
    Green Lake, SK


Year Standings
2018 18th
2017 19th


Year Standings


Gordon McCallum of Green Lake, SK will be joining us Along the Wagon Trail in 2020
Gordon started out with pony wagons and then decided to try the big wagons and he was hooked. He enjoys working with the horses and racing. His biggest support and influence is his mother Simone McCallum, she has supported him from day one and always encourages him to do his best. Gordon enjoys traveling from show to show and meeting new people and sponsors, his goal for this season is hoping his new horses that he purchased perform well. Gordon has been a long-time member of the CPCA, and we are happy to have him back for 2020!

Favourite Meal: Spaghetti and chicken.

Favourite Vacation Spot: Out in the field.

How did you get into Chuckwagon Racing: I started out with pony wagons then decided to try the big wagons and I enjoy working with the thoroughbreds & racing

Most Memorable Chuckwagon Racing Moment: Each show is my memorable chuckwagon moment, I look forward to each show & try my best to finish within a good run time.

What is your favourite thing about Chuckwagon Racing?  I enjoy going from show to show and seeing new people & meeting new sponsors.  Always someone shakes my hand who I don’t know but they know “McCallum Racing Team”  so I must be doing something good out there when I race.

Who has been your biggest influence in this sport and why?    My mother Simone McCallum is my biggest support from day one when I started racing, she always encourages me to do my best.

Who are the unsung heroes in your barn and biggest help? Barn help is Garfield Morin, he has been there for years.  My brother Mervin McCallum has been my main support from day one, helps with training & up keep of the horses all year round without his help it would be a challenge to do this on my own. My family helps along the way when they can during the shows.  My spouse Sheila is also a big support, she helps in the barn as well is the main cook.

What do you do for work and in the off season? I am a truck driver for Brander Brothers