Jamie Laboucane

  • Birthday
    December 16, 1986
  • Hometown
    St. Walburg, SK


Year Standings
2019 5th
2018 2nd
2017 4th


Year Standings
2018 14th – Calgary Stampede Aggregate


Jamie had a strong 2019 season having 7 top 5 runs and 17 top 10 runs. He finished in the top 5 at 4 out of the 9 CPCA tour stops and in the top 10 at 7 of the stops. Jamie also won the Little Pine show for the 3rd year in a row. For the past 8 years Jamie, has finished among the top 7 in the CPCA standings and in 2019 with a deep barn of horses and another year of driving experience Jamie narrowly missed making it into the Denham Ram Tough Lloydminster dash by finishing 5th on the year.  Jamie’s continued hard work helped get him an invite to the 2021 Calgary Stampede. Jamie’s horse Angel won the 2019 CPCA Equine Outfit of Excellence Outrider award.

Favourite Meal: BBQ ribs

Favourite Vacation Spot: Cozumel or Hawaii!

How did you get into Chuckwagon Racing: My father Brian Laboucane started me outriding when I was 15 and I started driving the year after I graduated.

Most Memorable Chuckwagon Racing Moment: Qualifying for the semi finals at the Calgary Stampede.